My First DIY …… Clay Mix

My First Hair DIY….. Clay Mix


I have had the Bentonite Me Baby Clay from Alikay Naturals for some time now, and finally decided to use.  It is 100% Bentonite Clay and contains natural and organic ingredients.  The label stated that bentonite clay is made from aged volcanic ash which acts as a natural clarifier, detoxifier and purifier for skin, hair and the entire body. The label also included directions on how to use on hair and skin. Clay also conditions the hair and adds definition.

This was my first time using clay and also doing a hair DIY. I used the clay as a cleanser for my hair, in place of shampoo. The clay application was quite easy however a bit messy. Despite this it rinsed out easily. When I applied the clay to my hair, it clumped my curls together; my 4c hair curl pattern was popping. After I rinsed it out my curls were still defined and I was very pleased with how my hair felt and looked. It felt clean and smelt clean, all trace of products that were in my hair prior to washing with the clay, was no longer there. It did not feel squeaky clean to the point of my hair being completely stripped and that I was happy about.

BeFunky Collage

I used a simple mixture for my clay mix, using what ingredients I had at the time. I used the clay, water and olive oil. I used a plastic container and spoon as it is advised to never mix or let clay come into contact with metal, as this may be reactive and reduce the effectiveness of the clay.  I mixed the clay and water together first. May I just state that it is good to start off with a small amount of clay, perhaps ¼ cup and then add water, as clay absorbs water and swells a lot. I was so happy that I started off with a small amount as I was able to yield the amount to cover my entire hair by just adding more water. Note that my mixture was still thick and more water could have been added.  However I was satisfied with the amount that I had and thus I went ahead and added my olive oil. I mixed the oil into the clay and water thoroughly and then applied it to my hair. I used my hands to apply it to my hair; I then added a plastic cap over my hair and left it for thirty minutes.


Clay in my hair….

After rinsing out the clay I deep conditioned my hair and continued with my regular hair routine. I look forward in experimenting more with other clay and clay mixtures.



After rinsing out the clay.