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Silence, darkness and loneliness, Eats my soul every time,

Forcing, pulling, dragging me, Have me feeling to commit this crime.

Am I to adhere; Am I to confront this fear?

Is my time near; Or just time for me to shift into the right gear?


With each day that passes, The feelings get intense,

Have me weeping, As my body becomes dense,

I feel my heart tightens, And the pain becomes excruciating,

Is my time near; Or is it just the beginning?


With blood shot eyes, And a fragile body,

My head pounding and throbbing, I really begin to study.

Is this how it really feels to be in a place of dismay?

Is my time near; Or is this a plea from God for me to kneel and pray?


As my eyes open with each night that passes, It hits me that I am alive,

I then realize that the Lord has spared me life,

Despite my ungrateful way, To not see another day,

With tears in my eyes, I got onto my knees and begin to pray,

As I now understood that my time was nowhere near, but the Lord was calling me, hoping I would hear.