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Life sometimes can be so complicated, there is always the expectation of people and their theory on what should be done and what should not; what they expect of you and what they do not expect. It makes you wonder if you are really living for you or them. And then there is society, and what is assume acceptable within society and what is not; and what makes you successful and what does not make you successful. Have you thinking is there anything you can do that will be deem successful. All these an individual has to deal with plus focus on getting a head in life, while everyone just in their corner doing what they do best. They talk about you, gossip about you, be envious of you, and wish you good in your face while behind your back they secretly wish you will fail. Don’t get me wrong, there are the few good ones that really mean good but in today’s world the majority try to fight you down, bring you down and break you down. Sometimes it makes you wonder was this what the creator had in mind when he created humans. It’s like living in a bubble and trap inside it, with no help to get out and no idea on how to escape. There is no evidence of love, no sight of friends and friendship and no family present to encourage you. In life we have to make decision and choices that will benefit ourselves and to an extend each other. If it means reaching your goals by yourself, you may just have to do that. Have faith in the creator and trust in him because in moments like these, he is the only one that can make a way and make you continue in this brutal, rigid and isolated world.