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Product Struggle

Upon returning to my natural roots, I did tons of research from hair care to hair products to hair styling to hair accessories to hair tools and much more. The hair products however had me swirling in circles, as there are a wide variety of natural hair products available on the market with a lot of raves and reviews on how “GOOD” these products are. I was fascinated and wanted to get them all (Many will deem me as product junkie), but then reality kicked in, and I questioned my decision. I asked myself questions like “Am I going to wear my hair out or am I going to be utilising protective styles?”, “Am I going to style my hair a lot?” and “Am I willing to spend all this money on all these products at one time, not knowing if it would work for me or not?” just to list a few. After months of carefully analysing, I finally had my plan of how to approach this product situation. Seeing that my aim is to wear my hair in protective style especially when I do the big chop, I made my product buying decision based on such aim. This brings me to “JUST BEE YOU!” BEAUTY PRODUCTS.

“Just Bee You!” Beauty Products is a business founded by Laci Joseph of Trinidad and Tobago, she is located on the beautiful Island of Tobago. She is also the head mixtress, i.e. she makes all the products of “Just Bee You!”- “Just Bee You!” Beauty Products wide range of products are made with natural and safe ingredients which can also be customized.

I contacted Laci who is also natural and enquired about which products I should purchase, I told her of my aim and she steered me to the Shea & Herbs Hair Butter and the Herbal Hair Spritz. I went on to purchase these two recommended products as I started my hair journey. I used the two products as I started my transition and continued after my big chop (Soon to be one year natural). I also had her customized my products to fit my goals.

Shea & Herbs Hair Butter

The Shea & Herbs Hair Butter Is a nourishing hair and scalp pomade. Its ingredients includes unrefined shea butter, cetearyl alcohol (vegetable-based thickener), herbal infused extra virgin olive oil, coconut oil, vegetable glycerine, honey, organic carnauba wax, vitamin e oil, essential oil blend. This product I can vouch for as it did keep my scalp moisturized, and I did not have any problems with dry scalp which tends to lead to flakiness. I must add – A little goes a long way, so I will suggest using this product sparingly.

Herbal Hair Spritz

The Herbal Hair Spritz is a moisturizing hair mist which soften and nourishes the hair from the inside out. Its ingredients includes herbal infusion in base of purified water, aloe vera gel, glycerine, extra virgin olive oil, polysorbate 20 (emulsifier), vitamin E oil, optiphen (paraben free preservative), peppermint oil and essential oil blend. The Herbal Hair Spritz is my most loved out of the two products. It does exactly what it says, moisturize and soften. I wear my hair in the protective style of braid extensions and uses the Hair Spritz about once a week or every other week. I apply it to my scalp and to the extended length of my braided hair. I usually keep my braids in for a period of one month to about four months (Yea I know that’s a long time, but I need convenience and at the moment this is convenient for me). The first time I undid my braids after using the Spritz for the entire time my hair was braided, the feeling of my hair was amazing, my luscious tresses felt super moisturized, manageable and must I add- my hair was very shiny. I loved it and there was no turning back for me after such results, I made it my duty to repurchase every time I ran out or was close to running out. I have never experience such feeling before as I was accustom to braiding my relaxed hair.

Setback or Not???

The only setback for me with the products, as I mentioned above I customized my product and with this came the addition of more peppermint oil (Not a big fan of this), to me it was very pungent and I could not bear such strong scent nor sensation on my scalp. So when I did reorder I did not customize and my setback was a thing of the past. Though it still had peppermint oil, it was not as bad as the customized product, and made it much more bearable for me. I prefer the mild scent of the peppermint oil and the sensation was just right. I must mention that I did not reorder the Shea & Herbs Hair Butter as I prefer to spritz my scalp with the Herbal Hair Spritz. I purchase the 8oz in The Herbal Hair Spritz and it last approximately 4-5 months.

After using these products for more than six months, I thought it was time that I rave about it and share my review. “JUST BEE YOU!” BEAUTY PRODUCTS indeed do what they are designed to do. Check out her Website where you can purchase the products and keep updated by liking her Facebook page.