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In light of some of the recent uproar over some of the well-known individuals within the natural hair community, whom have resorted to some change or the other such as big chopping again or simply just turning to chemicals such as relaxers and texturizers; I thought I ought to share my input. Within this world and to be more specific within our natural hair community, some people will always:

1- Have a different opinion

2- Believe that their opinion is the correct and only opinion

3- Disagree with an individual decision

4- Agree with an individual decision

5- Never adjust to change

It’s very dishearten to see some of the negative feedback that our sisters received, talk about distasteful comments. Yes I understand that these individuals have been “your back-bone”, “your motivation”, “your idol”, and “your role model” but at the end of the day they are responsible for the decision they make towards their hair. And with all that they are to “you”, I would have thought that “you” will respect their decisions, “you” don’t have to agree with it but at least respect it.

Natural hair has become a very popular trend and I am happy for this, as persons are becoming more and more appreciative of their natural hair, however caring and styling for ones hair whether it is natural or not can be a bit on the tiring and frustrating side. Focusing on natural hair care and styling is indeed a process, we naturals follow a number of hair care routines, which are time consuming and require a lot of patience. Some of us has the luxury of time within our schedule while others don’t, however with time or no time at all, one can become a bit tiresome of such routing and sometimes will like to retire to something simpler and less consuming. For some of us we neglect our hair for couple days just taking some time off from it, others cut, others perm and others go to protective styling. Whatever route one choose it’s because of some reason or the other, and I believe that it’s their decision to make.

Why should we the subscribers attack them with such negative force? Why should they be under such scrutiny for making a decision over THEIR hair? IS this what the hair community has come to? Can we not accept change? Can we not be respectful towards one decision? Can we not disagree to agree or agree to disagree?

Is it that serious that we have to react in such a negative way????