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Co-wash When I tried the Pantene Co-wash it was not planned as the plan was to do my wash routine using shampoo and continuing with the other steps, however I was not able to do my wash routine seeing that I had to attend an event and thus I turned to the Pantene Co-wash. I found it in the cupboard that contains all the hair products when I went to retrieve my shampoo; I did not purchase this product and did not know what to expect from it.

The product is thick and it does lather a bit, it also has slip and I was able to detangle with it in my hair. After rinsing my hair out, I found myself rinsing for a little while longer as it felt like product was still in my hair because my hair was so smooth and didn’t feel strip at all. I couldn’t believe that it felt so good. So I was thinking to myself , “probably my hair is too dirty for this and I needed to use shampoo”, however I got out of the shower, styled my hair and went to the event. Two days after I did my wash routine, and a week later I decided to revisit the co-wash, as my hair was not extremely dirty as the first time I tried it.

To my amazement my hair felt the same way the first time I used it. My hair felt smooth and not stripped at all, it actually felt moisturized, I was in aww, and my hair was cleansed and not feeling dry to the touch. So I have to say I love this co-wash and despite it is not an all natural product, I am going to purchase a bottle for myself. My mom who have used this co-wash as it is hers, also testified that she likes it, as it left her hair feeling soft and nice, and not dried out. I think Pantene did something good here, because a few years back I tried one of their shampoo and conditioner and absolutely hated it, however I found that this Co-Wash is really good and it’s a product that I am going to be adding to my product stash…..

Thumbs up to Pantene…