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After transitioning for a few months, Sarah decided she was ready to rid herself of her remaining relaxed hair ends. Her plan was to transition for about two years before entirely cutting all the relaxed ends off, however she was tired of having to deal with the two textures and decided that she had enough of transitioning. She had previously cut off some of her relaxed ends but on December 22nd 2014, as soon as I arrived home, she was impatiently waiting on me to do her big chop.

Below are some questions I asked her and her responses to them:

Q. How long have you been deciding to return to your natural roots?

A. About two years ago, when I tried transitioning but decided to relax it again.


Q. What made you decide to return to natural?

A. Beside it being the new trend, I found that my hair was thinning out from the constant relaxing.


Q. How long will you remain natural for?

A. I am not sure, however I plan to keep it as long as I can manage it.


Q. What was the hardest part of making the decision to return to natural?

A. Going from long hair to short hair.


Q. Why did you find it difficult to handle both textures, i.e. the new growth and the relaxed ends?

A. Due to the fact that it was much more difficult to style and seeing that the new growths were not as soft as the relaxed ends, it was a bit difficult to handle.


Q. Now that you have done the big chop and have approximately 3-4 inches of hair remaining, how do you feel about having hair this short?

A. It doesn’t really trouble me as short hair fits my face and I am eager to venture into this new process.


Q. Will you be rocking your hair out or doing styles which is best suited at this stage which is refer to as the TWA (Teeny Weeny Afro)?

A. Yes I would, along with protective styles.


Q. Now that you are a natural chic, what are some of the styles you are looking forward to try?

A. Twist Out, Wrap and Bantu Knot Out.



Big Chop

Big Chop