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I recently got the opportunity to read Losing Heart by Donna Brown. Donna is a UK writer who enjoys reading and reviewing as much as she writes, she also has a blog with her husband where they blog about books, movies, music, games and practically anything that they wish to.

Losing Heart is a thriller which evolve around Helen. A mother and wife with a sick heart. Helen eventually was able to get a heart transplant, however she fell in love with her doctor and began having an affair. Helen received the heart from a young lady that died and became friends with the mother Marian, however the story had a big twist to it, where there was more to Marian than just a heart broken mother who lost her daughter. The end of the story was extremely shocking as it was a complete spin from the beginning.

Losing Heart is a great story, overall I enjoyed reading it, I love that the story was taken to different levels and was not predictable, my curiosity was sparked and I desired to continue reading to satisfy such interest. My only problem with this story was that it could have been longer, by developing each scenario a bit more would of enable a bit more clarity when reading. I found that certain scenarios at the beginning was a bit too short and not always clear as to who was being referred to. It is a great read and was enjoyable despite that minor hiccup. I look forward to reading more stories from Donna as she seems to have a very creative and wide imagination that leads to great story plots.

You can purchase Losing Heart the kindle version on Amazon, you can also view Donna’s blog at http://blog.elenchera.com/ .