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It all began when I decided to visit a professional hairdresser to get my hair weaved. For all who have been following me, you all already know that I prefer protective styling as it is easier for me at this period in my life. So I was very excited to have this protected style done. She did a great job in terms of how it looked, as it looked great, but the troubles I endured came after I took down the weave.
I first noticed that certain parts of my hair was shorter than other parts, in other words, I have patches of short hair all over my head.
After that observation, I noticed that the breakage began to occur and then came the hair lost.
I was crushed at first with the patches of short hair all over my head. The first thing that came to my mind was to just do a Big Chop and start all over, but after airing my thoughts to my mum and other persons, the consensus was not to do it,, so I calmed myself and I decided I won’t BC again, but I’ll just let these patches grow out …..
However then the breakage came, my hair was falling off and shedding all over the place. The hair lost occurred as the breakage happened, which led to my hair thinning. It was at this moment I was really thinking that a BC was the only way out, but I decided again, not to rush into such a rash decision and instead opted to try to rectify the problem.

Pic showing 1 of many patches .......

Pic showing 1 of many patches …….


So I first needed to assess my hair, by asking myself what caused the patches and why was my hair breaking off.


I came to the conclusion that the patches were a result of the weave, as additional braiding hair was not added to my hair to do the cornrow pattern before the weave was added. The weave was also sewn on tight and thus the tension caused my strands to break off at certain places. I am also 99.9% sure, that my cousin had cut off pieces of my hair when removing the weave… this was more to the front and despite this I was cool with it, accidents do happen. What I was not cool with, was the patches being all over which I believe was caused by the weave and what I mentioned above. I blame myself for this disaster with the weave, as I should have ensured additional braiding hair was used which I think would have made a big difference in the patches. I should have asked for it not to be done too tightly as well, although when she was doing it, it felt fine. It was only when my entire head was completed that I felt all the tension. I did this style for an occasion, so there was no way I was about to take it out after paying XXX amount of $$$. I hold myself fully accountable, as I knew better but still took the risk.
As for the breakage, I was not moisturizing my hair properly and as a result the ends started to fall off, so I took off about 3-4 inches off and I decided to rest my hair a bit and just care for it… It has been a few weeks, I have been moisturizing and just not manipulating too much and that seemed to help with the breakage, I have also upped my deep conditioning game, and also my protein treatment. I have been adding moisture which did help, but my hair needed the protein treatment as well. So I have been balancing it. So in a few weeks again, I’ll see if these help or not……
As for the shedding, I am still not sure what led to it, whether it be stress or just the overall terrible state of my hair. However, that too I will be monitoring over the next couple of weeks to see if it will subside.
Until next time when we meet again for a next hair story ……….