CaribbeannFlava is a platform for persons to learn and share on various topics such as hair, fashion, motivational and inspirational thoughts and generally any aspect of life. It was created with the main concept of bridging the gap among “Caribbean people” who live in the Caribbean, “Caribbean people” who live internationally and to merge “Caribbean people” with “International people”. The blog is to serve as an avenue where “Caribbean people” may have the opportunity to experience and benefit from the same pleasures that International fashionista, hair experts/hair gurus ( Although they don’t like to be call that,, basically that’s what they are referred to) and other bloggers experience. Despite the Caribbean having its own culture, it is influence and inspired a great amount by International you-tubers and bloggers when coming to hair, fashion and life. CaribbeannFlava aim is to become a place where individuals can visit and feel a part of,, especially “Caribbean People”. Despite being an avenue aimed to assist Caribbean persons by having a more vivid presence in the world of blogging, the aim is to not be segregated but united with International persons and to draw both parties to the blog.

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