How can my relax hair be nicer than my naturally grown hair? Are you trying to say to say to me that the maker created me with ugly hair? Or are you be envious to the fact that I took that step of returning to my natural roots? Whichever one it is; I must say I was quite surprised at the reaction that many had when they saw my KINKY, COILY, CURLY TWA (teeny weeny afro). I have been wearing protective styles constantly for the past three years, although my hair was relaxed for most of this time, I found protective styles to be easier to deal with then combing my hair every day. So imagine everyone surprise when they saw me with my TWA. The questions were pouring it one after the next, when did you do it? why did you do it? are you going to keep it this way forever?. I didn’t realize that it was such a big deal to return to my natural hair. Isn’t this my origin? isn’t this where I started? Nevertheless, I am enjoying every moment of it, and I do not let individuals’ comments or questions get to me. Never let anyone dictate your pace, your style nor your choice. WHEN DID RELAX HAIR BECOME NICER THAN NATURAL HAIR?

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