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It has been about five months now since I posted about my hair ordeal. Refer back to Patches, Breakage & Hair Loss. My hair was suffering from severe breakage and shedding due to various reasons. Let me just pause for a cause to say that “stress is a killer”. One of the major reasons for my hair ordeal was stress; however that’s another story for another post.

Fast-forwarding to today, my hair breakage and shedding have reduced tremendous. In fact the shedding has stop and I have seen few hairs that were from breakage. I think it’s safe to say “SHE” has recovered. I am currently still in the process of caring for my hair, with hopes of bringing it back to the state it was before the ordeal. I have decided that 2016 is the year of DIY’s and not just purchasing products. I have already tried a clay mix and I really liked it, to the point that I have decided that I will be doing it again. I also trimmed my hair on the 9th of January as I did not do a trim since it suffered from the breakage. May I just state, that freshly trimmed hair always feels better.



I had some ups and downs for the past year but that did not discourage me as “SHE” is still here. Until next time when we meet again for another hair story….


Happy New Year to all my Peeps………

P.S. I installed some kinky braids yesterday….. So I am currently in protective styling mode….