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In the spiral of the fashion world, with each day new pieces of clothing, jewelry and fashion statement pieces emerges. The style and the “In style “ changes as fast as day changes to night , and trends disappearing one after the other is a simply way of explaining how this fashion world operates. We all want to keep up with the trends and as our favourite celebrities are seen wearing something that may be classified as latest trend we go out and purchase it. It’s all good and well, after all we do want to look as superb as they look, and I am all for looking good. But what is it that really makes fashion? Is it what celebrities wear? Is it the latest brands? Whatever it be, it’s a fact that both males and females are somewhat engross into it, some more than others. Many believe that they must copy styles and trends exactly how it is being displayed in order to be seen in the elite of fashionista but I believe that is not entirely correct. I believe the way in which one express themselves in what they wear and how they wear it is what defines fashion. Not just wearing what you see but putting a twist to it, adding a bit of flare or adjusting it to fit your personality and make your own fashion statement. Do something to it and just watch how your style will evolve into the latest fashion, influencing others to be inspired by your look.